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A Real Thriller

I Am Pilgrim - Terry Hayes

Given Terry Hayes' credentials it is not surprising that this is a really good book! Hayes creates a powerful, intelligent leading character who is believable. He does not focus on the character's weaknesses as other authors do (usually very painfully) and I applaud this. The plot is intricate and the way he uses time to move back and forward and to build the story is very clever and makes the tale very believable. The reviews tell the outline: The american super agent tracking the terrorist and the clever little subplot about a murder in Manhattan so I won't repeat them. It's a long book but I was still sorry to see it come to an end. Without spoiling, it was a good end with the capacity for one or two more Pilgrim stories, lets hope!!

Worth Perservering

The Luminaries - Eleanor Catton

This is a long and complex book, but well worth the read.The pictures it creates in the mind of the period and location are wonderful and the plot un-peels like an onion with each new chapter revealing something new. I did not understand the astrological relationships (they are worth researching by themselves) but I do not think that necessary to appreciate the book.